About Us

SkyQ is a Information Technology Company. We build, automate and maintain web technology based, websites and applications.

SkyQ Infotech - Our Brand is our Identity

This is an era of knowledge explosion, which is theoretically and practically dominated and shaped by Information Technology. The quest of knowledge is unending and it goes back to the elementary level of questioning attitude. For asking question is a best way of learning. We struggle and aim at putting the whole idea into a technical framework symbolically entitled as SkyQ. For ‘Sky’ is the limit and ‘Q’ is the source of inspiration – may be a customer and developer.


“Our mission is to Automate & Digitalise all possible manual systems & Businesses in such a manner that will save a lot of time, money & make life happier & easier.”


“To Provide a Solution using the latest trends & technologies under single roof & one stop solution for all technology related needs for every business.”

Our Company Values

We thrive to give you perfect embodiment of vitality







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SkyQ designs, builds and markets websites, web and mobile applications that connect with users and transform businesses.

Why you should work with SkyQ

We think you’re unique

Every client or person is unique for us, in many regards to us.

We like to share

Our free and social motivated web tools and websites.

Pixels friendly

Very good knowledge and pixel by pixel mapping of each page.

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