Saas Based ERP and CRM

SkyQ Offers wide-variety of ERP and segment based CRM solutions for any scale of workhouses and organizations.

Our apt development team contributes most of their efforts in creating a appllication based solution for your very own business.

Thus, this grants you to continue concentrating on what they do best and to proceed to new market probabilities promptly and conveniently.

From Hospitalities to distributors, from supply chain management to billing softwares and beyond, SkyQ ERP gives organizations the opportunities they need to accelerate advancement and fire up modernization.

SkyQ ERP and CRM solutions are designed keeping in mind the vicious and combative corporate environment.


  1. On-time deliveries
  2. Segment specific functionalities to boost productivity and efficiency.
  3. coherent integration with CRM
  4. Provides real-time data of critical operations
  5. Business intelligence and advanced reporting
  6. Reduces total cost of ownership
  7. Centralized platform to control all business and operational data
  8. Simplifies invoicing, billing, inventory tracking, supply chainmanagement, warehousing and order process and much more
  9. Integration with financial reports, periodic audit updates, ledger and accounts receivable alerts and notifications.


Bolster customer relationship through compelling Client relations management

  1. Enhance employee formulation and productivity
  2. Helps offer customer-centric services
  3. extensive view of customer data
  4. Targeted audience and lead campaigns
  5. Harmonious department wise communication
  6. Contact, leads and audience management
  7. Helps maintain a lively sales pipeline and delivery cycle
  8. Increases sales and customer service expertise.

Enlarge your financial outcomes and route working excellence with our tested and automated ERP and CRM solutions.

Also, the solutions cover a lot of segments of service industry businesses operating in education, hospitality, advertising, government, media, healthcare, banking, consulting, legal and retail industries to name a few.

Who are using our services?

The people, whom we are working with. Giving satisfactory results and support successfully.

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